22 March 2011

the most shocking moment in my life

to be frank, the most shocking moment in my life is when i registered as an officer cadet in my current university. the date that i will not forgot which is 16th of may 2009, the day that i learn very much and very fast. it teach me how is the life, from the other side of view.

at the first time of beeing in my current lovely university, i think it is just like other universities registration day. but my universities are unique and definately different from the others. the registration process runs smoothly, but the hell started when my parents "GIVE" me totally to the university.

all of the time, from point to point i had to run, sweats never ends, and people around are not so friendly, all the way shouting at me and the others.it was my shocking momment in my life.

but, now from the shocking moment of my life, i think it was a good start for me to be the good officer cadet. it teach me about life, discipline and cooperation among my friends.


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