20 January 2011

calculate investment java OOP example basic


16 January 2011

my new year resolution


i think it it not too late for me to post about my new year resolution. Better late than never.

13 January 2011

the story behind "miang2kucing"

My blog, which called miang2kucing (pronounced miang-miang kucing) is actually originated from lyrics of a song of the black and white film "Aksi Kucing". The film was directed by well known Omar Rojik in 1966. Actors that made this film was succeeded were the one and only Aziz Satar, Zaiton, Ahmad Daud and many more. This film was published by Malay Film Productions Ltd.
Actually, several names playing around my mind during the time i want to create this blog. Suddenly, i heard this song playing on my radio. The melody is happening, and an ear-catching music. Although sometimes the lyrics sound funny, it can make me become not stressful to do blogging. That is one of the reasons why i choose “Miang2kucing” as my blog title.
The word “Miang kucing” is actually giving the meaning of an eager of cats to attract another cat of different sex for its biological needs. As for me, i used the terms “Miang” to attract people who love blogging to read my writings that i shared. From this blog, i can double up my number of friends, sharing the knowledge, and exchange of opinion.
In addition, “Kucing” or cats is one of the pets that our prophet Muhammad (PBUH) loves. That is why i am also loves cats very much. Actually, now i have 8 cats at home. I am lucky to have a family that love cats too. In this blog, i usually write about my cat, upload their photos to share among the bloggers who also loves cat.
Lastly, my “Miang2Kucing” blog is a little part of my life that i shared with other people. It is also can be a photo journal, as i am addicted to photography. From this blog i can connect with other people from all around the world, meet with new and old friends as well as do the task for ENGLISH FOR ACADEMIC WRITINGS ;P

10 January 2011

cat's story

i have many cats
i love to photograph my cat

07 January 2011

blogging back!


first of all,, i would like to thanks mr RAHMAT B AHMAD @BEAR,, who bear to show me
the tips and tricks to make blogging more interesting for the blogger and also for the reader~

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