10 March 2011

5 things i can't live without it!

The most valuable things that i will not forget to bring along when i hanging out is my precious dslr, Nikon D90. As i love photography, everything i see in my life i like to share with others via the photos i captured like the scenery, photos of public figure, living things, such as the plants and animals.
myD9o and my Fitron watch

secondly, when i go out, i never left behind my watch. The watch is very important for me and i am trying to be more punctual and can manage my time better. Other than that, it can reminds me about the prayer time.

in addition, the handkerchief is one of the important things in my pocket. As a photographer, it is important to have a handkerchief especially when shooting on the mid day. I feel better when i swipe my sweat rather than been uncomfortable with the sweat on myself.

the pen and small notebook is other things that is also valuable for me. it is use when i want to jot down the important things of some event that can been used for my photo. for example, when and where the picture is taken, who is the person in the photos and others.

Lastly, another important things for me to bring along is my mobile phone. i think, for sure it is very important to all people nowadays to connect others. i am not just can make a call and texting, but i can also read my emails, remind me of event i must attend, and many other things i can do with the smartphone.


  1. HTC yang mana satu kau punya. fuh2. bukan main.
    nak jugak lah merasa asa dslr. kalau nk jual, tolak kat aku au, murah-murah dah ar..haha

  2. htc tu due2 pon bkn aku punyer,xkuar pon lg kat malaysia.heehe. rse2 nye mmg xjual ar d9o aku tuh, susa maw dapat woo, ade nilai2 sentimental disitu.haaha


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