16 January 2011

my new year resolution


i think it it not too late for me to post about my new year resolution. Better late than never.

      Firstly, one of the my new year resolution is to workhard every things i do in my life, especially in my study.
i have to success in my study in order to maintain my CGPA. Alhamdulillah, for the first semester of my degree,  i achieved my target to be in the deanslist.

     Secondly, i would like to spend my money for the reasonable things. i do not want to watse my money to buy any kind out of my needs. As for the last year, i had spent my money for my satisfaction only, and the effects, on the mid of the month i realise that i have to be more fetish.

     Thirdly, i would like to improve my skills in my hobby, that is photography. To improve my knowledge as well as my skills, it is must to have some accessories. Some of the products in my wishlish are the speedlight and telephoto lens. I hope this year i can find a buddy(hopefully a girl ;p hahaha) that can help me to capture better image.

    Last but not least, for this year, i glad to improve my english for writing and speaking. It is important to me, as an officer to be, to speak fluently in english, it also can increase my self confidence. Nowadays, we have to accept that english is the most language that been used.

   Finally, as a servant of Allah, i must do all His order and avoid doing the inhibition. From now on, i must be obedient and loyal person.

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