07 January 2011

blogging back!


first of all,, i would like to thanks mr RAHMAT B AHMAD @BEAR,, who bear to show me
the tips and tricks to make blogging more interesting for the blogger and also for the reader~

the reasons i upgrading my blog are:

1) the entrepreneurship subject that i just start learning this week  make me eager to do business,hahaaa
as for the first step to promote my business is publish via this blog~but still thinking what business that suitable for me,,heehe

2)through this blog, i can also share my experience as well as little bit knowledge especially about my study, computer science,,

3)and the most important thing is that,, by publishing a post per week for a period of time, i can get 10% carry marks for my LEL1012 ENGLISH FOR ACADEMIC WRITINGS,instead of traditionally submitting journals every week. a lot of appreciation dedicated to ma'am mardziah who makes writing in english becomes more interesting in this era of technologies.

p/s: practice makes perfect,, from now on i must practice writing to make less grammar mistake like i done with this post :p



  1. I don't know if you are trying this,

    try to write your blogpost in any word processor, for sure you'll find it conveniently helpful.

    Less grammar mistakes and some automated error rectification.

    Good luck blogging, your lecturer is not the only I know which has reinforced blogsophere as a method of evaluating students :)

  2. syazwan: nice one! thanks:)

    bear: hambar btoi hang nyh,,follower da la sket,,hohohoh


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