03 February 2011

to my dearest parents

Dear ibu and ayah
my lovely parents in front of the Prophet's Mosque

I am so glad to have both of you as my parents, for me, I am too bad to be your son. So many thing you had sacrifice for me. Your kindness cannot be paid throughout my life.

Since I was at the childhood, you send me to school every day, just to ensure I get the formal education. Besides that you teach me the fardhu ain to be a religious person.

Ayah, as you were in the air force you treat me with the discipline, at the first time,, it was so bored. All the way I must follow the rules. It is a kind of “skema”. But now, I know that, without discipline all of our plan will become ruined.

Ibu, during my child time, I like to make our house become messy. You scold me for that. Every day you ask me to sweep around our house. I just ignore it. But, day by day, I learn something that tidiness and cleanliness is important for our health.

On the time both of you perform the hajj last year, i learned very much in managing the family. now i realized why and what you advice me before. It is difficult to not have my parent. Everything i must done alone. During my final exam, i don't have anyone to call for moral support like i have done before that. Now, I am realized.

Until now, both of you always fulfill my needs. But sometimes I don’t.

I am always trying to make both of you proud of me, but I think I failed. So, please accept me as I am now. Pray for my success in my life and hereafter.

And don’t forget, I always remember both of you when I am happy and sad.

Much love,


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