27 December 2009

semangat baru

memulakan sem 2 dgn smgt yg jitu

1) no kpale ats meja starting from 0800 in class

2) no tangguh2 watever homework,assignment,blablabla

3) no more over use of laptop esp internet-fb,ms,blog-haha

4) no late nite working

5) bgon awal everyday including weekend n holiday

6) keep on excercise- not to failed again in UKA

7) make sure not to miss breakfast at mess-walopon xsdap mane,huhuhu

8) mindset to study like nak mati,haha

9) no more toyol n copy&paste in quizes and test as well as final! haha

10) halalkan gaji dgn blaja bsungguh2!!

11) dun let the dato'2 blame us again!!

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