02 November 2009

what i've done

today is quite challenging for me

as i start my day in the morning

very earlier than days before

woke up at 2am..after taking a few hours nap

then i continue sleeping..haha

but, after some minutes, i feel uneasy

maybe bcoz i have not finished doing

my revision yet


it is lucky for me

as the first exam

chemistry II

will be held

on the evening

so, the moral of the story for me is...

no more last minute preparation!!!

so i've to keyboard-off now

as i want to revise on ENGLISH

that is why i am posting today

to assimilate

for the english exam tomorrow

i hope i can done it smoothly



  1. hey,
    massive impr0vement in ur english!
    ace ur MUET!
    stadi gmpk2.
    g0 s0ulja g0.

  2. what is massive??hahahahahaha
    my muet is done badly yesterday,,,waaaaa

  3. massive 2 besauu!
    xpe,n0t the end 0f the w0rld..
    nvr l0ok back..
    keep 0n striving f0r the best s0ulja.
    d0n't give up!


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